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When You Need Snow Tires with Superior Traction, Ask About Studs

Winter driving brings beautiful scenery but risky road conditions. Your standard snow tires are designed to improve safety in snowy conditions. When buying winter tires, you have two options: studless and studded. Both types are recommended for winter driving, with the primary difference being the level of traction.

Tire Studding Service in Bellville, OH, Best Winter Tires

Tire Studding

If you find yourself in need of superior traction in winter driving conditions, ask about having your tires studded. Tire studs look like small nails installed throughout the tread. These strong bits of metal dig into ice to provide additional traction. Tire studs are so tough, many states – including Ohio – limit the time they can be used during non-winter months. That’s because the studs have a hard enough bite to damage the road. That’s a level of traction you won’t get in regular snows.

Ask about tire studding services at Moore’s Downtown Automotive Repair Center. This service can only be performed on new snow tires, so make sure to know what type of tire you want installed at the time of purchase. We serve customers in Bellville, OH, Mansfield, OH, Fredricktown, OH, and surrounding areas.

Greet winter with tires that excel in the snowiest, iciest conditions.

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