Automotive Repair

Extend Car Life with Corrosion Protection

Maximize the useful life of your car with FLUID FILM® corrosion protection. FLUID FILM is specially formulated to prevent rust formation and stop existing contamination. FLUID FILM rust inhibitors defend against road salt, ocean salt, and low temperatures that cause the formation and spread of rust.

FLUID FILM contains no solvents except for its propellant, so you get long lasting lubrication and protection that doesn’t become sticky or gummy. Its unique formula embeds deep in the pores of metal, resisting wash off and preventing moisture and oxygen from permeating to the base metal.


Do I Need a Rust Treatment?

Rust treatments are ideal if:

Moore’s Downtown Automotive Repair Center is a FLUID FILM installer serving Bellville, OH, Mansfield, OH, Fredricktown, OH, and surrounding areas.

Call to schedule your FLUID FILM body panel and undercarriage rust protection service.

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